Our City, Kisarazu 

Not only having our portrait photo shooting, pleasealso spend one to two more days for enjoying Kisarazu and surrounding area.

Here we introduce some spots in the city. For further information, our staff will help to plan your itinerary, othewise please visit Tourist Information website or office.

<Tourist spots>

Yatsurugi Shrine

The Shrine has the long history since 12th Century and it is said that Yoritomo Minamoto, the national ruler of Kamakura era made contribution to the shrine.

Our Shint wedding ceremony will be providedby the priest of this Shrine and another option is available to visit the shrine in Kimono.

Official site in English http://www.yaturugi.net/english.html

UMIHOTARU (artifical island in Tokyo Bay)

UMIHOTARU is an artifical island in the center of Tokyo Bay.

​It is served as highway rest area with 360 degree obsarvation deck and shopping zone.

Official site in English https://www.umihotaru.com/en/

Mitsui Outlet park Kisarazu

Official site in English https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/mop/kisarazu/english/


Kicho (Fujiya Hotel)

The Kaiseki restaurant is accommodated in a local Ryokan (Japanese style Inn) Fujiya Hotel.

The dining space is facing to garden and located in the traditional style building made with woods.

A private room will be provided to each guest group.​

Official site in English http://www.fujiyahotel.com/english/


The traditional ]apanese restaurant, has been run from 19th centurt, acquives high reputation among local and Japanese visitors for warm hospitality by two hostess,mother and daughter. The house'sspecialties with Asari local clam. It can also serve Muslim-fliendly meal.

Face book page: https://www.facebook.com/Takaraya-1427370784177996