Service Flow

This is a typical flow of our portrait photo shooting service. However those steps could be changed depending on the situation and the service you will have.

---- Before visit ----

Step 1 - Reservation

    (1) Choose a main plan (Standard or Wedding) as well as option plan(s) from menu if you would.

     (2) Make a reservation via our official site or email.

          Before reservation, we appreciate you check our important notice and cancellation confirmation at the bottom             of this page.

     (3) We will send you confirmation or reply within 72 business hours via email.

Step 2 - Prepayment

     (4) Please make payment via Paypal within 7 days from our confirmation.

          (If your request is close to the service date, payment condition will be alternatively set up.)

---- On the day of visit ----

Step 1 - Welcome orientation

    (5) Visit Sharakukan reception at the confirmed time and date.

          Have explanation in English about service you will receive.

Step 2 - Preparation for photo shooting

   (6) Choose your costume from our wardrobe rooms.

   (7) Choose photo shooting scenes.

   (8) Preparation: Hair styling and make-up, Kimono dressing in our changing room.


       <Cosmetic product for female>

         Cosmetic used at Sharakukan are hypoallergenic and applicable even to children.

         However if you have any concern on your skin allergy etc, we strongly recommend that you bring your own                  cosmetic.

Step 3 - Photo shooting

    (9) Portrait photo shooting by our professional photographer

Step 4 - Next activity or depend on what you choose...

   (10) (Standard plan) Change your costume for next portrait photo shooting (2nd and 3round)

    (11) (When you choose an option plan.) Enjoy the option activity.

Step 5 -After photo shooting

   (12) Change and return costumes.

   (13) Select your portrait photos for digital format at our reception area lf you prefer adjustment, please                                  check here.

   (14) If any, payment for additional service.

   (15) Receive your portrait photos in CD-R, then finish!

  • Important notice

   Professional portrait photography is our main product. Within our site, you are NOT allowed to use your own              camera (including smartphone camera and movie camera) in all area except for a designed space.

   We will appreciate your kind understanding.

  • Cancellation charge

    In case of last minutes cancellation, we need to ask you cancellation charge as below.

    Cancellation one day prior to the service date: 50% of confirmed service price 

    Cancellation on the day of service:100% of confirmed service price After payment via

    Paypal handling fee will be also charged on your account upon receiving the refund.